When is the right time to buy a house?

It all comes down to personal circumstance. There’s no perfect time to buy a property and no such thing as being too young or old.

1. Income now and in the future

A history of a stable, regular income, with the prospect of the same in the future is a must-have.
Without it, the banks simply won’t lend to you, or (they will, but) at a much higher rate than desirable.

2. Your life stage

If the need for stability is rising, buying might be a good idea.
Having your own place means you can have that purple bathroom you’ve always dreamt of. When you’re a tenant, you are at the behest of the landlord, who may up the rent regularly, stop you from making changes and also turf you when it suits them.

3. Growing family

The imminent arrival of children can have a big impact on buying desire. It’s about the need to create that family home for their child, where memories are made and pictures are hung on the wall.

Article from realestate.com.au/advice

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