The best and most cost-effective ways to give your home street appeal


Whether you’re wanting to sell or looking to spruce things up, the front of your home should be given as much thought as your interior. Especially since it’s the first port of call for visitors and passersby.

Anne Hindley, founder and architect at Hindley & Co, says, “a custom street number in an interesting font and a statement letterbox are important touches to consider when creating street appeal”.

Being small and cost-effective, numbering and letterboxes are easy to update while allowing a personality to truly shine through. Whether you’re going for something bold and abstract, or rustic and delicate, a corresponding letterbox and street letter can help set the tone and expectation of what awaits inside.

Over the fence

Another key feature when looking to spruce up the front of your home is the fence. Iconic in its representation of suburbia, the classic fence is something that many designers can use to create a daring architectural statement from the street.

“The fence should look fresh,” Hindley says. “It should also have the right level of transparency paired with the right level of security. We like fences that have contemporary lines but are not an endless row of straight top pickets, which can look too ordinary. We might vary the heights or widths of the pickets to add texture, or perhaps use traditional pickets in an unexpected way.”

Similarly, Holbrook says that when looking at fences, “install an appealing front fence that complements the materiality and colour of the dwelling beyond”.

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If something new is outside the budget, consider giving your existing fence a fresh coat of paint. Patrick Coy, director of Yorkshire Property, suggests giving the house and the fence a fresh coat of paint to liven everything up. “It’s an obvious thing, but really a freshly painted house and fence can make all the difference to brightening up a place that is looking a bit rundown,” he says.

In addition, Holbrook says, “if your home is painted, freshen it up with a subtly contrasting colour scheme on the window frames, and consider a fun colour for your front door for a point of difference”.

Simple but effective

Another straightforward way to ensure your house is putting its best face forward is to simply clean up. This is particularly important if you’re putting your property up for sale. Coy says that doing a big clean-up is sometimes overlooked – so make sure the garden has been mowed and weeded, clear the nature strip of any rubbish and keep the front generally tidy.

“Another tip is to bribe your neighbours with wine so they tidy up the front of their house as well. You can remind them that if your house sells for a higher price, it’s a win for them too as it reflects well on the street and the overall value,” Coy says.

Creative statements

At the other end of the spectrum, there are plenty of opportunities for architects and designers to make big statements with the front of your home.

“If cars have to be accommodated in front of the building, there is an opportunity to get playful. In a Newtown house we referenced the mid-century lines of the existing house to create some quirky shapes for the carport and sheds,” Hindley says.

Likewise for Holbrook, who says, “our designs and material palettes are a calculated mix of clean, refined lines peppered with daring contrasts. Playful but considered, we call it ‘controlled flamboyance’.”

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