Open Home Etiquette

What can I do at an open home?

1. Ask questions

The agent is there to sell the property, so ask as many questions as you like! Also feel free to call the agent after the open house if you have additional questions.

2. Check if anything is broken or squeaks

It’s totally okay to open kitchen cupboards, check the pressure on a tap, or see if the shed door squeaks. And as long as you’re polite about it, it’s also fine to use a tape measure to check dimensions.

3. Take photos or video, with permission

While online listings include more photos and floor plans than ever before, it’s generally considered acceptable for would-be buyers to take photos or videos at an open house. But make sure you check with the agent before doing so, just to be safe.

4. Make yourself at home, within reason

When thinking about buying a property, it’s natural to want to know how it “feels”, so feel free to sit down on the couch or at the kitchen counter. But jumping on the bed is definitely off limits!

5. Provide your full name and number

It is somebody’s home, so all good agents will request your name and number. This is good practice and essential for security purposes. If you do not wish to receive a follow up call, simply let the agent know on your way out.

What shouldn’t I do at an open Home?

1. Loudly criticise the property.

It’s normal to find flaws in a property when you inspect it, but it’s rude to walk around loudly criticising everything you see. Instead, call the agent after the open to discuss any issues.

2. Bring coffee or food

It’s common courtesy not to bring drinks into a home which could make a mess if dropped and feeding the kids snacks is a no no.

3. Let your kids loose

Open houses are often held on Saturdays and families with busy lives may fit them in between other commitments. Please consider the owners and don’t let kids on the furniture or touch the owners possessions.

4. Snoop

There’s a difference between taking a quick look at how deep a bathroom cupboard is and being a sticky-beak, going through someone’s personal possessions. While it should go without saying: don’t snoop.

5. Be rude

The agent is there doing a job for the owner and generally following the owners instructions so the best approach is to be polite.

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