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Timber Comes Out Top and Bottom in Australia’s Sexiest Interior.

Interior Design Inspiration Key2 Property

The stunning 1970s Sydney apartment, which covers just 160sq m and was given oak-lined floors, walls and ceilings in a makeover by architects Chenchow Little, was recently announced overall winner of the Australian Interior Design Awards.

Natural materials left in the raw is the latest trend set to sweep through Australian homes if the award winner are anything to go by.

Chair of the residential jury, architect and designer Matt Gibson says clear directions are emerging that will influence the way we decorate and design our homes.

● Materials in the raw like exposed brick, steel, timber, leather, copper and brass gold.
● Layered design where you mix and match materials, contrasting old with new.
● Colour is big, from pastels and muted tones like peach, pink and pistachio through to olives, ochre, teal and peacock.
● Geometry like arches, circles, spherical lighting and patterned tiling and timber are in.
● Attention to craftsmanship and interest in the finer details, how things are put together, rather than concealment.
● Architects, interior designers, furniture manufacturers and even landscape designers are working together.
● A greater interest in flexible spaces which provide for multiple uses and interactivity between the people who live there. The ability to cater for the rough and tumble of family life is at the fore, along with connecting with outdoor spaces in increasingly populated urban environments.


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