How to renovate your bathroom in 3 simple steps

Choose your style

Some of you will already have an idea of your preferred interior style. Others will be overwhelmed, and unsure of where to start. Regardless of how you start your project, it always pays to do a bit of research.
Jump on Instagram, Pinterest or pick up a magazine if you prefer an analytical approach.
When locking in a style, sometimes it can help to work backwards from a focal point, like a bathtub or statement vanity.

Set your budget

Budget will dictate most of your decisions. While your personal taste may demand expensive Italian marble and solid gold door handles, your budget may leave you with something quite different.
Budgets will vary for everyone. However, one rule always applies: don’t undercut yourself when designing a forever home.
When it comes to budget, we believe that bathrooms and fixed items are where you spend money. Furniture moves with the owner, but luxurious fixtures and tiles add value to the home. Don’t go for budget tiles when you want to live in your home and enjoy it, the essence of a bathroom exists in the selection of your tiles and hardware. That said, it’s easy to go overboard.
Finally, justify your budget according to what you want to get out of the space.

Pick your bathroom

Once you have a budget in place, it’s time to shop! You may underestimate how many choices need to be made. Everything from tiles to shower heads to toilets and cabinets need to be selected, and they need to be compatible with the space and with each other.
This is where a bathroom package can come in handy.
If customising a theme, start by shopping for materials – and there are two ways to do this. Research online, make an order for samples or go in store and see everything all at once and make selections. We would recommend having some inspiration pictures to take to the store, so you can show the sales team who can help you achieve your end selects.
The other thing you need to ‘shop’ for are your tradespeople. This can be tricky with bathrooms because not only do you need to seek a range of quotes, you need have all your ducks in a tightly-organised row.

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