First Home Buyers Guide

How to set a budget for your first home

If you’re a first-home buyer, your budget will be based on how much you’ve saved and the amount of money you can borrow. Find out how to determine your borrowing capacity, how much you need for a deposit, plus tips for saving money and cutting back expenses.

What grants and incentives do first-home buyers get?

Eligible first-home buyers can take advantage of state government grants, discounts and schemes to help make buying their first property easier, as well as a federal government scheme to help save a deposit.

How to get a home loan

The key to buying your first home is getting a home loan. Find out the difference between pre-approval and unconditional approval, plus what banks look for when approving loans, which type of loan is best, and whether you should go to a bank or a mortgage broker.

How to find the right property

Finding the right property usually comes down to choosing the right suburb and selecting the right type of home, but there’s more to it than that. Find out how to inspect a property before purchase, essential checks you need to arrange, and how to review a contract.

How the home buying process works

The home buying process doesn’t end once you’ve found the right property. Find out how to make an offer as well as how cooling off periods work, and if you’re buying a home at auction, there are techniques to improve your chances. Plus, find out the difference between exchange and settlement, and when you need to pay stamp duty.

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