Eight home maintenance steps to prepare your home for winter

It’s June and the cold weather is starting to sink its claws in all around the country. While you might be reaching for your coat and bringing your winter woolies to the forefront of your wardrobe, your home also needs some special care. Harsh winds, cold nights and heavy rain can damage both your garden and your home if the proper care isn’t taken. “Winter is typically a time when everyone wants to hibernate, but home maintenance unfortunately doesn’t,” says builder Matt Menichelli from Elevate Building Group, listed on hipages . “Keeping on top of small jobs through the colder months is the best way to avoid big overwhelming jobs come spring/summer.”

The garden is often an area that suffers neglect in the winter months. If you only have time to focus on preparing one area before winter well and truly hits, make it this. “Make an effort to keep on top of things rather than letting it get out of hand. This includes ongoing maintenance like raking up fallen branches, leaves and other debris,” says Menchelli. “Mulching your garden beds in winter will help keep weeds from growing in your garden and mulching can help the soil.” Menchelli says there are eight key things to check off your winter maintenance checklist:

1. Look after your lawn to ensure it remains healthy during the cooler months. “Use winter fertiliser, as it contains higher levels of iron to protect and green up the lawn,” says Menchelli.

2. Nobody likes freezing inside their home, or wasting money and power on a heater that’s not as effective as it can be. Menchelli says it’s important to review the performance of your home. “Check that your windows and doors are sealing properly and eliminate drafts or heat loss through gaps or cracks,” he says.

3. Ensure you have adequate heating whether it’s a built-in or free-standing option. “You’ll likely need it for the cold days to come,” says Menchelli.

4. Making sure your heater is working well is just as important, says Menchelli. “You’ll be relying on it morning and night, so ensuring it’s running properly and efficiently could avoid a costly hiccup when you don’t expect it.”

5. Check the integrity of the outside paintwork on your home. Any surfaces beginning to perish could get worse through the wet months.

6. If you have a pool, it’s likely to get forgotten when it’s not in use. But it’s important to adequately prepare it for winter to ensure it’s free from debris and algae. “Remember to also secure your pool cover to keep it free from any debris throughout winter,” says Menchelli. “Your local pool maintenance company can help you adequately winterise your pool.”

7. Another important task is clearing your gutters. “By the time winter hits your gutters are likely to be filled to the brim with leaves and debris,” says Menchelli. “When the gutters are clogged, it can cause damage to your home.” Working at heights can be dangerous so it’s best to call in a professional who’ll not only clear out your gutters but will ensure they’re draining correctly as well.

8. Use this time to plan ahead and have a think about your outdoor entertainment areas. “With some time before summer, now would be a great time to commence any building or renovation plans so it’s ready for the warmer months,” says Menchelli.


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