Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Spread cheer with wintry hues

We naturally gravitate towards a warmer and more coastal palette in summer with sea blues and sunny yellows, but that doesn’t mean we’re not able to also embrace a cooler set of colours.
We can take inspiration from nature and the cooler climate.
This means embracing warmer textures and a deeper colour palette of dark smoky blues, mulberry and forest green – all of which should be complemented against a crisp winter white.

2. Downplay your Christmas ornaments

Christmas doesn’t have to mean loud colours and glittery stockings (although those are cool, too), but the simple, minimal look can be just as effective when it comes time to decorate your place.
Expect to see a pared-back and contemporary approach to festive decorating, twinkling fairy lights and oversized paper stars are the way to go.
Nordic design aesthetics will play a big part in the decor trends this year, In December, we will see the same understated design approach trickle through, moving away from traditional decor and towards abstract decorations, florals and greenery.

3. Layer up cosy textures

We’re not suggesting you wear a blanket and drink a cup of hot chocolate; we don’t want you to end up with heatstroke and a fever.
But the layering of plush textures can still be implemented to create cosiness, even in the summer months. Think faux fur blankets that you can lay over your sofa.

4. Use fresh florals in your centrepiece

Hosting the annual Christmas lunch? Don’t let your centrepiece become an afterthought and take this advice if you want to create a stunning backdrop for your meal.
The key to creating a stunning table centrepiece is layering simplistic pieces together at different heights and shapes to create interest.
A natural element is a must, so opt for fresh magnolia leaves or tree clippings in clear glass vases, layered against the glow of pillar or tealight candles.\

5. Get creative with your Christmas tree decor

Take the concept of hanging Christmas decorations to the next level with a tree that’s far from the expected aesthetic.
Christmas in summer means you can embrace a tree of the not-so-traditional look. Get creative and hang a sculptural branch over your dining table or lean it against a wall.

6. Consider all the senses

The thought of Christmas in the home evokes memories in more ways than one.
Think images of Christmas decorations like a beautifully decorated tree, a fruitful wreath, and Christmas crackers on the table. We also think of smells like cinnamon and pine, and the unmistakable sound of Michael Bublé’s greatest hits.
The key to successful Christmas decorating is creating an atmosphere in your home.

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