5 tips to finding the perfect home to flip

Former House Rules champs, Aaron and Daniella Winter, know a thing or two about a successful reno. They’re now seasoned ‘flippers’, turning fixer-uppers into property gold on the Gold Coast.

Is it structually sound?

“Does it have good bones? That’s the one thing that’s going to save you mega money at the backend,” Aaron says. If you’re not confident with checking this yourself, a professional building inspection is a worthy investment.

Avoid a bad layout

A poorly considered floor plan is an “absolute no-no”, Aaron says. Older homes can often have inefficient layouts that modern buyers don’t want, such as small boxed-in rooms and pools dominating a backyard. Check that any changes you plan to make won’t affect the foundation of the home (in other words, can be easily and affordably updated, such as knocking down an interior wall that isn’t supporting that roof).

Look at the ‘lived-in’ spaces first

The big three you’ll want to tackle first in a flip are the kitchen, bathroom and living area, Daniella says. These are the rooms that will give you most bang for your buck in terms of return on investment, so your budget and time should focus here.

Start small

Flipping is an exciting venture, but don’t get carried away with big dreams for your first one. “The one thing we’ve learned is, if you’re getting started into flip, don’t go for a huge property. Scale it back,” Daniella says. There’s plenty to learn during the renovation process, so work your way up to that large-scale project. Slow and steady.

Dont overcapitalise

When renovating for the purpose of profit, it’s a good rule of thumb to stick to a budget of up to 30% of your purchase price, Aaron says. Be sure to stay within the limits of your spend by making practical decisions over emotional ones – overcapitalising on lavish updates will affect your overall return.

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