5 things to do before moving into a new house

Moving day. It’s never going to be 100% stress-free, but a little bit of planning will go a long way towards making it much more bearable. Below are a few examples of tasks that should be done well in advance, plus a few extra tips on how to make the move as smooth as possible.

Connect the internet

Contact your internet service provider at least three weeks before you move. This will save you from the frustration and inconvenience of living in a new house without internet, as most providers get booked out weeks in advance.

Connect your energy

When you move house, you need to disconnect the energy in the previous tenants’ name and reconnect it in your own name. The process is very simple: You call your energy provider, give them your personal details, address and preferred connection dates – and they do the rest. Many providers only need one or two business days to reconnect you, so it’s important to do this just before you move, so that you aren’t charged for the previous tenants’ usage.

Have a plan for children and pets

Ask a family friend or family member to take care of them for the day and to pick them up before the removalists arrive, so that they can avoid the boredom and uncertainty. And encourage them to pack up their own box of special items before moving day, so that they can find these treasures as soon as they arrive in their new home. This will help them settle in.

As for pets, try to stick to your usual routines as much as possible in the lead-up to the big move. On the day itself, confine them to one closed room when the removalists are coming in and out of the house, and use familiar smelling bedding in carriers when transporting cats.

Update friends and family with your new contact information

Just as you should inform all relevant businesses of your move, you should update your friends and family. Send around a text message or email notifying people of your new address and phone number, so that the important people in your life can continue to get hold of you after you move.

Pack an unpacking box

One of the first things you need to pack when moving house is an unpacking box. This box should contain allen keys, any tools you might need to construct furniture, labelled ziplock bags with screws from furniture you dismantled in the move, scissors, screwdrivers, masking tape, dust cloths and glue. Having these items all in the same box will save you time when setting up your new home.

Article from realestate.com.au

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