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5 simple ways to make your home office eco-friendly

While we’re all working from home due to Coronavirus it’s worth remembering we can all do our part in reducing our environmental impact.

Not only does eco-living benefit the planet, but studies show it also has a positive impact on your health, mental wellbeing and productivity, too. There’s never been a better time to give your home office a good green rinse. … Read the full post »

5 reasons hiding a pet from your landlord is a really bad idea

As a pet lover, it can be very tempting to sneak Fluffy into your rental, despite a strict no-pet policy in your lease agreement. After all, your property manager will never drop by and find out, right? Wrong.

Here are five reasons why it’s a pretty terrible idea to hide your pet:

#1 You could end up being evicted
So your apartment is … Read the full post »