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Byron Smith’s six favourite edible plants to grow in your garden

For me, having an edible garden and helping others create their own has taught me so much about why people grow the food they do. Some might be reliving the nostalgia of childhood mulberry memories, others might be growing chilli seeds gifted from a grandparent, or perhaps another has planted native Australian plants to keep them connected to culture.
A common link I’ve found, however, is that most people simply … Read the full post »

Tasmanian first home buyers made their mark in March

Owner occupier housing finance commitments were steady in March, according to the latest Australian Bureau of Statistics figures.

In Tasmania, new loan commitments to owner-occupier first-home buyers made up between one-quarter and one-third of the state’s total loan commitments.

Just over 33 per cent of first-time Tasmanian lenders sought finance for a dwelling and about 26 per cent for a house.

Nationwide, new loan commitments in March totalled $14.34 billion for owner-occupiers and … Read the full post »

Stuck for styling ideas? Let your music taste decide for you

While certain music might take you to a memory, a feeling or evoke a mood, there are some people in the world who actually see colours from the music.

It’s a rare neurological condition called chromesthesia, which affects roughly one in 3000 people, and for them, listening to a certain genre or musical piece can automatically trigger different colour visualisations associated with the sound.

The team at Home Advisor conducted an experiment … Read the full post »

Checklist for moving house in a month

The clock is ticking. It’s a month until moving day. And with so much to do, the only way to tackle such a daunting task to have a plan – and stick to it.

Susan Williams, founder of The Finishing Touch, one of Australia’s leading home packing and unpacking services, shares a comprehensive four-week moving plan, starting a month out and finishing on moving day.

Four weeks before moving
– Book a … Read the full post »