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How to design a veggie garden that doesn’t look scrappy

Edible gardens are not all the same. There’s the good, the bad and the downright scrappy – I have seen and tended to them all.

I know as well as anyone that edible gardens have the potential to get out of hand as your good green-thumb intentions slip away with the busyness of the week, and months … then all of a sudden your parsley is unidentifiable among an avalanche of … Read the full post »

Five simple ways to update your home in the new year

Freshen up your interior painting
Anyone can work some magic with the right colours and a paintbrush. With warm weather on the agenda, your coats will dry fairly fast, making it an easy summer fix. If you’ve got wallpaper to remove, holes or dints to patch, make sure you do that before you start on the painting. Typically, prep and painting take anywhere from three to six hours per room, depending … Read the full post »

5 design mistakes interior experts always notice

1. Rushing the design process
The number one design mistake I believe people make is rushing when designing a new space. Things take time so allow your renovations and decorating plans to evolve and be fluid. Try things out, plan ahead, do your research, ask for other opinions or find an expert. It’s important to build your confidence over time so take the pressure off yourself and give yourself … Read the full post »

Beautiful, Large, Historic Family Home for Rent

Ever wanted to call one of the beautiful old historic buildings in Launceston, Tasmania home? you now can! recently on the rental market with Key2 Property is 5 Elizabeth Street, Launceston. With it’s creative plaster work that is so rare to find these days, and it’s central location, this two story, 4 bed townhouse is sure to get snatched up soon! … Read the full post »

Fundraiser for The Fires

We’re sure you are all aware of the devastating news affecting all of Australia with too many people and animals losing their homes and loved ones to the fires that are burning all over the country. Key2 Property want to do their part in supporting the victims of these tragic times so we will be holding a fundraiser in the next few weeks to raise much needed funds.

Watch this … Read the full post »

Key2 Property Management Getting in to the Christmas Spirit

Key2 Property enjoyed sharing the Christmas spirit with their tenants this year by surprising them with a knock on the door and a little something special from their owners.

Owners had the option to get in the Christmas spirit and put a smile on their tenants faces this Christmas by agreeing to let the Property Management team at Key2 play Santa and … Read the full post »