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Ten Top Selling Tips: Tip 1

Buyers will judge a book by its cover

Before a buyer locks in a viewing, they will do a drive by. No matter how good the interior of your home looks, they have already judged your home before they walk through the door. You never have a second chance to make a first impression. The key2 sprucing up your home’s exterior is the use of inexpensive shrubs, pine-bark mulch in garden … Read the full post »

Keep Your Home Safe During Inspections

How to secure your home during inspections
An inspection is inevitable during the sales process of your home. Naturally, the buyer wants to see the inside of the property. It is always a good idea to take safety measures and not tempt theft. Below are some suggestions that can ease and eliminate potential safety risks when selling your home. Remember not all thefts are of a physical nature some are the … Read the full post »

9 Tips To Save On Heating Costs This Winter

1. Glaze your windows
According to research commissioned by the Australian Government, 40% of the heat within your home escapes through your windows during winter. Glazed windows act as a form of insulation and can have a profound effect on room and home temperature. In fact, 87% of a room’s heat can be retained with double glazed windows. If it’s not possible to install double glazed windows adding some quality curtains … Read the full post »

8 Steps To Getting Started In Property Investment

1. Check your finances
This can be as simple as calculating your expenses and offsetting them against your total income and assets.
This will give you an idea of how much money you have to invest.
Don’t immediately assume you can’t afford to buy an investment property. As long as you have a stable, reasonably well-paying job and have a fairly long history of employment, you shouldn’t have a problem getting … Read the full post »

What is Google Home?

What Google Home can do?
Here is the short version of what Google Home can do. By simply using your voice as a command you can do multiple tasks. These include managing your TV and sound, create shopping lists, monitor home security, manage chores and tasks or even plan out your day. This is just a small sample size of what Google Home is capable of…. Read the full post »

Prospect Area Profile

The size of Prospect is approximately 6.6 square kilometres.

The population of Prospect in 2011 was 1,438 people.

By 2016 the population was 1,710 showing a population growth of 18.9% in the area during that time.

The predominant age group in Prospect is 20-29 years.

Households in Prospect are primarily childless couples and are likely to be repaying $1000 – $1399 per month on mortgage repayments.

In general, people in Prospect work in a professional … Read the full post »