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Tips For Investing In Property

How to invest in the real estate market.
No one can predict with any certainty how the real estate market will trend. However, there are lessons to learn from those who have been property investors for many years. If you follow certain principles you can increase your wealth over time whilst owning an asset.

With every positive upturn in property, there is an inevitable downturn. But if you hold your property over … Read the full post »

State Budget Update 2019-2020

The Tasmanian Government has today announced the following 2019-20 State Budget measures:

First Home Owner Grant
The $20 000 grant for eligible first home owners – extended to 30 June 2020
The extension is subject to the passage of legislation through the Parliament.
The grant is open to eligible first home owners for the purchase or building of a new home. The extension of the scheme means that the $20 000 payment will be … Read the full post »

Buying Land To Build A House On

The positives of buying land and building a house
1. What are the advantages of buying land and building?
If you do your homework and get solid advice then building on the land you buy can be rewarding and profitable. Firstly, you can choose the design the home or choose from multiple layouts and live in an area you are comfortable in. Secondly, you can move into your home that is brand … Read the full post »

East Launceston Area Profile

The size of East Launceston is approximately 1 square kilometres.

It has 3 parks covering nearly 5.5% of total area.

The population of East Launceston in 2011 was 2,239 people.

By 2016 the population was 2,141 showing a population decline of 4.4% in the area during that time.

The predominant age group in East Launceston is 40-49 years.

Households in East Launceston are primarily couples with children and are likely to be repaying $1800 – … Read the full post »

Youngtown Area Profile

The size of Youngtown is approximately 4.9 square kilometres.

It has 9 parks covering nearly 4.6% of total area.

The population of Youngtown in 2011 was 4,050 people.

By 2016 the population was 4,064 showing a population growth of 0.3% in the area during that time.

The predominant age group in Youngtown is 40-49 years.

Households in Youngtown are primarily childless couples and are likely to be repaying $1000 – $1399 per month on mortgage … Read the full post »

How to prepare your house for an open inspection

Inspections are like a first date. You only get one chance to make that first impression. Set your property up for inspection success with these simple tips.

Clean up

Yes, it’s Captain Obvious, but you’d be surprised. Make sure your whole property is neat and tidy when buyers arrive, including the garden and outside areas. Dust, vacuum, scrub, wash, buff – make all … Read the full post »

Creating The Perfect Entertaining Backyard

Backyards are not oil paintings. They’re not to be stared at and admired. They’re meant to be used. But for some reason, you haven’t quite managed to create a hub for your friends and family to enjoy. It’s nice enough, but it’s missing that ‘oomph’. In this guide, we’ll tell you how you can turn your boring outdoor space into a bonafide entertainment venue.

Seating is Key
The key to a good … Read the full post »