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What Is The Minimum Deposit For A Home Loan

How much do I need for a home loan?
Go back about 10 years and the majority of housing lenders would willingly give borrowers 100% of the loan to purchase a property. In some instances, they would lend up to 105% of the loan to valuation (LVR).

Times have changed today. Banks and mortgage broker companies have tightened their lending policies. The loan to valuation is not as generous as it used … Read the full post »

Hadspen Area Profile

The size of Hadspen is approximately 10.9 square kilometres.

It has 8 parks covering nearly 4.4% of total area.

The population of Hadspen in 2011 was 2,061 people.

By 2016 the population was 2,256 showing a population growth of 9.5% in the area during that time.

The predominant age group in Hadspen is 40-49 years.

Households in Hadspen are primarily couples with children and are likely to be repaying $1000 – $1399 per month on … Read the full post »

Make Your Backyard a Safer Place to Play

Tips on making your backyard safer
Kids love to go into the backyard to have fun. But they also have a knack for finding dangerous objects and places that could harm them. Making your backyard a safer place will prevent many outdoor injuries caused by sharp objects, broken wood, unsafe water, harmful plants and even wildlife. Here are some easy ways to ensure that kids stay safe while they play around … Read the full post »

How to know when a job requires a handyman or a tradesperson

The humble “handyman” is a booming business. With the gig economy attracting those who are mobile, independent and part-time, people are diversifying their skills and advertising themselves on sites like Airtasker. Handymen and women are usually cheaper than a tradesperson, earning on average $30 per hour and have a wider range of skills that are suited to home maintenance and repair. They don’t need a licence to carry out most … Read the full post »

Preparing Your Property For Rent

How to maximise your rent return
So you own an investment property and are looking for a tenant. The presentation of the property is the key to receiving the best possible rent return. In order to achieve the maximum rental per week, all areas of the property should be clean and in order. In order let’s begin with a checklist of to-dos.

Make sure the property is fitted … Read the full post »

How to ‘Marie Kondo’ your home on a budget

Tip one: Organising that famous kitchen drawer

Yes, we all have one that is bursting at the seams, and many budget-conscious homewares brands have great solutions for storage boxes with the perfect dimensions for drawers. The bamboo products available not only look great, but section out and divide all your clutter into separate boxes creating a clean, clutter-free drawer with easy-to-find daily items.

Tip two: Avoiding the front door dumping ground

Who is … Read the full post »

Real Estate Appraisal Westbury TAS 7303

How Much is my Home Worth in Westbury?
On March 28, 2019, the median price for a house in Westbury was $315,000. To date, there have been 29 houses sold and 2 units sold this year. Of all the house sales 16 were 3 bedroom houses. The DSR or Demand to Supply Ratio rates an investment in a house or a unit as good  A good rating indicates that demand is … Read the full post »