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Blooms for Rooms: Pet-safe plants and flowers

Flowers are the perfect finishing touch to any space. However, you don’t often think about how the flowers in your home can affect your pets.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few botanicals that can cause potential danger to your fur babies.

With that in mind, here’s our ultimate list of flowers and plants to avoid at home if you have pets, as well as some safe alternatives to try for peace of … Read the full post »

Increasing number of parents helping children buy first homes

An increase in the number of parents helping children to afford their first home has seen the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’ grow into one of the largest financial lenders in Australia.

Twenty-nine per cent of parents financially assist their kids when they enter the property market as the home ownership dream becomes increasingly out of reach.

This is what happened to 29-year-old Adrian Terry.

“There is no way without my parents I … Read the full post »

Unsung Spring-Cleaning Jobs You May Not Have Thought Of

Spring is well and truly here, and so is our desire to clean! So, you’ve turned over the bed, wiped clean your kitchen cupboards and your barbecue is looking brand new again. Job done, right? Well, it’s certainly a great start.

So while the cleaning bug is in your veins, why not give the following areas and items a going over, too! Our cleaning ideas are also kind to the environment … Read the full post »

How House Plants Can Improve Your Health

Most of us have flowers or plants of some sort inside but we don’t always realise their excellent health benefits. Did you know that the air in your home could be harbouring unhealthy invisible toxins that can be eliminated by plants? And that strategically placing a plant or two in your teenager’s bedroom can help them to concentrate better when they study? See how you could take advantage of potted … Read the full post »