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Why Banks and Agents Value Your Home Differently

Key2 News answers the often asked question. See the full article here!
Have you ever wondered why a home can be listed for one price, valued at another, lender-valued at yet another price and then sold for a figure that leaves everyone scratching their heads?
How can one property have umpteen different prices? How do you know which price is right? Let’s … Read the full post »

Pokemon Go hits real estate market!

THREE bedrooms, two bathrooms and a PokeStop. Pokemon Go is already hitting real estate listings — and some agents think even house prices may benefit.

“Just across the road is a huge park with sporting facilities — and we’ve even spotted some rare Pokemon!” reads the ad for 222 Charles Street in Townsville’s Cranbrook.

A rental listing for a two-bedroom apartment at 61/51 Playfield Street in Brisbane’s Chermside boasts an “easy five-minute … Read the full post »