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How to insulate your home to stay warm in winter

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Like a big fat blanket, a well-insulated home can keep you toasty in winter, but also cool in summer.

Australia can often present a harsh climate, so it’s imperative to get your home’s insulation right. Without it, we’d be a shrivelled mess in January and a Zooper Dooper by July.

In most houses in Australia, if you pop your head into your roof space, you’ll … Read the full post »

Historic Shipwrights Arms pub in Battery Point up for sale

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IT’S a rare real estate find but Battery Point’s iconic Shipwright Arms Hotel is on the market, lock, stock and barrel.

The long-term lease and the freehold of the 1846-built pub, known in yachting circles as Shippies, are on the market separately.

Licensee Tony Kennedy is selling the lease-hold after just 18 months to concentrate on his hospitality and tourism … Read the full post »

Step by Step Guide to Selling a Home

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There’s more to selling a house than finding an agent and tidying up for open for inspections.

Be Prepared

After making the decision to sell, but before contacting an agent, Bunn recommends vendors “de-clutter, tidy up the garden and get the property as close to “open home ready” as possible.

“Think about when you want to sell, how you want to sell and anything you’ll be looking … Read the full post »

12 Mind-Blowing Real Estate Facts to Entertain Your Brain

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6 … Read the full post »

Q&A: What should your property strategy be in 2017?

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Did you make a new year’s resolution? What are you looking to focus on this year? spoke to property experts to see which areas buyers, sellers, investors and renters should focus on in 2017. Here are the key issues and areas your property strategy should address.

What 5 things should renters focus on? … Read the full post »

Energy Saving Home Cooling Ideas

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As the mercury rises, it’s natural to flick on the air-conditioner, but there are ways to keep cool which don’t burn lots of energy and push up the power bill.

According to experts from the CSIRO and Sustainability Victoria, householders can remain cool and comfortable this summer, while still being energy-conscious.

The CSIRO’s energy research director Dr Stephen White shares his top tips for getting the most out of … Read the full post »

What really prevents young people from buying a house?

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what really prevents young people from buying a house
Don’t blame the smashed avocado or the hipster-brewed coffee – life’s little luxuries and an unwillingness to save aren’t preventing younger people from buying a house.
But here’s a look at the economic conditions that are making it that much harder for first-time buyers to get into the property market.
Wage growth … Read the full post »

Why Banks and Agents Value Your Home Differently

Key2 News answers the often asked question. See the full article here!
Have you ever wondered why a home can be listed for one price, valued at another, lender-valued at yet another price and then sold for a figure that leaves everyone scratching their heads?
How can one property have umpteen different prices? How do you know which price is right? Let’s … Read the full post »

Pokemon Go hits real estate market!

THREE bedrooms, two bathrooms and a PokeStop. Pokemon Go is already hitting real estate listings — and some agents think even house prices may benefit.

“Just across the road is a huge park with sporting facilities — and we’ve even spotted some rare Pokemon!” reads the ad for 222 Charles Street in Townsville’s Cranbrook.

A rental listing for a two-bedroom apartment at 61/51 Playfield Street in Brisbane’s Chermside boasts an “easy five-minute … Read the full post »

How to: Prepare your Home for a Winter Sale


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Serious buyers are always looking for the right property, even in the cooler months of the year.
Here are some specific considerations to keep in mind if you’re looking to sell your home this winter.


Winter days can be overcast, so you need to make sure that you maximise the light in your home – both natural and artificial.

Try these tricks:

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